CTC SpaceLogic App

Companion Application for Clipsal SpaceLogic C-Bus Automation Controller 5500 SHAC/AC2 and Network Automation Controller 5500 NAC/NAC2

Full Screen

CTC SpaceLogic turns an iPad or Android tablet into a full screen touch screen interface for the Clipsal C-Bus Wiser / SpaceLogic SHAC/NAC/AC2/NAC2.

Just click on the CTC SpaceLogic icon and the app displays the Interface full screen. 

Control From Anywhere

CTC SpaceLogic automatically switches the connection depending on if you are on the local IP network or roaming on a mobile network.


  • store user name and password
  • set LAN and WAN IP address
  • set LAN and WAN port number
  • set Local Wifi name
  • turn off status bar 
  • change status bar text colour (light/dark)
  • change the background colour for both LAN/WAN
  • change Application Icon 
  • iCloud Sync of setting between devices
  • open App with URL Scheme (CTC-Spacelogic://)
  • enable orientation control 
  • set start page per device
  • TCP Server

NOT all features are available on Android and Mac

Now Supports The Following Controllers

Clipsal 5500SHAC/NAC/AC2/NAC2

Schneider Wiser for KNX

Schneider spaceLYnk & fellerLYnk

Embedded Systems Logic Machine5


CTC SpaceLogic can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Client Reviews

What do clients have to say about

Necessity for C-BUS

Listen 555, 07/05/2023

Nice app with intelligent settings to interface with C- BUS automation controllers. Expert level post sales support also.


jensenoz, 21/06/2022

Simply put it’s criminal that Clipsal didn’t build this themselves. This app is absolutely brilliant and the fact it needs to exist is an example of how badly Clipsal manage their software products. It’s insanity!!

Great app

Johno shad, 02/03/2020

This app does exactly what is required. Simple setup and easy parameters to set. Laurence has assisted me on numerous occasions the helped me get the best out of this app. Highly recommend

Great app!

VicMerc, 19/05/2019

My family and I have been using this app for a number of weeks now and does what it says. Absolutely love it.

Also to note, support is great as Laurence has solved an issue with my M1 alarm working with cbus where others failed.


72Ron#, 05/10/2019

This App is fantastic. Simple to use and easy setup. If there were setup issues, they were resolved very quickly. Always looking forward to the updates. Works so well across all my Apple devices.

Great app

trent_111, 16/08/2019

Downloaded the app today app is great works seamlessly highly recommend

Problem Solved!!!

hometechy, 23/01/2019

I’ve been looking for a app to run myCbus automation controller on my iPhone/iPad and this has solved my problem. Everyone that has a 5500shac should be adding it. Great support also from their team.

The perfect fix

JonoBoer, 04/07/2018

Great pairing for the Schneider/Clipsal SHAC/NAC, fixes a lot of the downsides of the default Clipsal interface. Dev is continuing which is great to see. Thanks!


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